Add Lighting and Special Effects to Your Event!

GOBO Lighting

GOBO is an acronym for GOes Before Optics and is used to project an image onto a surface (like the floor, ceiling and/or walls). GOBOs will transform the venue for your wedding or other special event and really wow your guests. Put your name(s) in lights with a custom GOBO. Explore the possibilities by browsing design and font options here.

Uplighting, Washes, Pin Spotting and Table Lighting

Available in unlimited colors, uplights are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your space to illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light. This technique can really help to set the mood and transform a venue. Check out all the color options here.

Washes are typically used to "bathe" a large area in light, like a wall or  a dance floor.

Pin spotting  uses beams of warm white light focused on things like your centerpieces, your cake, artwork or auction items to make them stand out in photographs (and in real life).

Special Effects & Enhancements

Really "light up" your event with custom DJ booth lighting. Makes the DJ area look as sleek as the rest of your event space.

Ask about our other lighting and special effects options, including:

  • Intelligent Lighting - Awesome Lighting that follows you for your first dance and projects different lighting patterns
  • Dancing On A Cloud
  • Special Effect Lighting, Disco Ball, Fun Additions to your Special Event
  • Large Screen Tvs for Photo Montage & Video Presentation
  • Professional Black Lights make your party GLOW - pairs great with our Party Extras Glow Package!
Pricing options vary without DJ services