Adam Basile

Adam learned about the music industry at a very young age. His father was a professional musician who played on Broadway as well as in recording studios and clubs. In elementary school he started playing the drums. As he got older and went thru middle and high school, he played for several jazz and rock bands. Then in college, as the electronic age was booming, he grew fond of DJing. He applied his experience as a drummer to the DJ world and has now been a professional DJ for over a decade. Adam says, "It’s just a great feeling seeing the crowd dancing to the sounds and beats you’re mixing behind the decks. Whether it’s playing one song or mixing several songs together, being in the DJ booth is just fun and exciting. Nothing tops looking out onto the dance floor and seeing people laughing, smiling, dancing, and just enjoying life. I feel as if it’s not just a job, but I’m part of the party." In addition to being a DJ, Adam works as an operational meteorologist for a private weather company. His hobbies include snowboarding and ice hockey.